Add a Brand

Add a brand by selecting +Add new brand from the Brand drop-down in your dashboard header.

Now you're on the main brand page. This page is broken into 3 sections:

  • Main brand content
  • Social services
  • Streaming services

Main Brand Content

Name your brand and enter in the official brand website and/or Wikipedia page as needed.

Brand Image

There are two ways to add a brand image.

1. You can upload it manually. If you do so, make sure the image is square and at least 400px by 400px

2. Fill in your Social Services details and our engine will automatically pick up the brand image. The image will automatically update whenever the Twitter account image changes.

Click the Save button when you're finished.

Social Services

Fill in as many of the brand's social channels as you can. The more details, the better our engine can listen to its activity.

Tip: For the Primary hashtag field, don't include the "#".

Click the Save button when you're finished.

Streaming Services

If streaming services are applicable for your brand, fill in as many as you can. Again, the more completely you can capture the brand details, the better our engine can pick up information.

Click the Save button when you're finished.

That's it! You've just added a new brand to the engine. Now we'll start to pick up key member behaviors.

Next Step -> Learn how to use the brand dropdown menu

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