Allowlisting your domain

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Domain Allowlist

Before AE Connect can be used on your website, you need to allowlist any domains where AE Connect will be used. For example, if you are installing AE Connect on and, you need to allowlist those domains from your AE dashboard.

You can find the domain allowlist when adding or editing an application from the AE Connect page in the dashboard.

Next, click on "Privacy & Permissions" and then "Permissions".


Now that you've allowlisted your domains, it's time to go ahead and install AE Connect. You can either do this by installing our WordPress plugin or by installing manually. 

If your website does not support our WordPress plugin, you can still install AE Connect. We just use few lines of code to connect your website to your Appreciation Engine dashboard. If you're not comfortable editing web pages or don't have a web developer on hand, let us know. We're happy to help you get set up.

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