Writing Your Data Use Statement

When you're setting up AE Connect you'll need to fill a field that tells your members how you'll use their data. 

We've set up our system this way so that it's clear to everybody how their data is going to be used. We think privacy is a huge deal and everybody has the right to know what's going on.

Updating your Data Use Field

We've already pre-filled in your Data Use field with some template language. You'll need to tweak this and clearly explain what you'll be using your members' data for. 

Some examples of data use might be:

  • advertising
  • email marketing
  • personalized offers
  • customization

Once you've filled that field out don't forget to tackle your Cookie Policy as well as your Privacy Policy.

If you haven't filled in your Privacy Policy you won't be able to get AE Connect up and running.

Next Step -> Write your Cookie Policy text

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