Once you've set up your Facebook app you may want to gather extended permissions. These aren't default so they require you to fill in some additional information and submit some documentation to Facebook. Let's go through this step by step.

We highly recommend you set aside a couple of hours if you are doing this the first time and you want a lot of permissions. Okay, ready...

1. Starting the Submission

From the App Review tab click on [Start a Submission]

A pop up box will appear, this is where you select your permissions on the left-hand side. Just check the boxes of what you want - see our tips below on what to select.

2. Deciding on Permissions

We recommend getting these extra permissions:

  • user_action.music - if you're in the music or entertainment businesses knowing the songs your customers are listening to and playlists they're creating is essential
  • user_likes - will let you see what people have liked on Facebook
  • user_posts - lets you see the content of your customers posts and when their friends tag them
  • user_birthday - lets you see their date and month birthday, this may or may not include the year depending on their privacy settings
  • user_location - see their current city

Of course you can choose any extra permission you'd like, you just need to be able to justify why you need them to Facebook in the next few steps. Our advice is to ask for what you really need, not what you *think* you might want in the future.

Once you've decided on the permissions you want press the [Add x items] blue button.

3. Writing Notes

Now you'll see a screen of all the extra permissions you're requesting. For each one you're going to have to justify why you want it. Click the Edit Notes link.

A new screen for the notes will pop up:

4. How is your App using x?

For the the first section "How is your app using x?" We always suggest picking the personalized experiences answer. That is what AE is here to help you with, create personalized experiences for your customers, whether that is onsite or in email.

5. Platform

Then pick your platform - for most of you this will be the Web. If you are doing a submission for a mobile application the steps are very similar, just that tab is different.

6. Step-by-step instructions
You will need to write out step-by-step instructions how your user logs into your website and then how the information you're asking from Facebook will be used for the customer.

Generally we suggest writing out the steps and talking about how the "user posts" or the "user likes" will be used to create personalized content on login. You just need to guide Facebook through the process and how you intend to personalize for your customers.

7. Screencast

Once you've filled in your notes, further down the pop up screen you'll need to upload a screencast. Just take a screencast that shows your website, then how a user logs in with Facebook, show the FB permission pop up window, and then how the website experience will offer personalized content.

Don't worry about making it perfect. The team at Facebook just really want to see what your site looks like and how their login is being implemented.

Once you've finished filming click the "Choose a file to upload" link and watch your file be uploaded.

8. Finishing that Note

Once you've done all the work on the popup click the [Save] button.

9. Repeat

Now that you've completed the pop-up for the first permission you need to go through and repeat the same process for all the permissions. Note: you can usually copy and paste your step-by-step instructions and make some tweaks. Also, quite often the same screencast can be used for all the permissions. Good luck!

10. Submit for Review

When you've done all that work (well done!) you are ready to submit. All your permissions should say "View Notes" next to them. Then press the [Submit For Review] button down at the bottom of the page.

11. High Five!

Wow - you did it. Nice work. Go get yourself a cup of a coffee or a cold one!

Facebook will email you when they've completed the review.

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