The Appreciation Engine can import brands to your dashboard via a comma separated CSV, which can be supplied to us directly or uploaded to an FTP location for which you can supply us the login details.

CSV preparation:

  • CSV must ideally be comma separated in order for our system to correctly differentiate the fields.
  • The header fields in the CSV must match those in our database. The available fields are: ID, Name, OfficialWebsiteURL, FacebookURL, TwitterURL, YouTubeURL, SoundCloudURL, InstagramUsername, HashTag, WikipediaURL, TumblrURL, RdioURL, MOGURL, SpotifyURL, GroovesharkURL, DeezerURL, BeatsMusicURL, LastFMURL, MBID, ET_ListID, ET_BUID, Label, SubLabel, NeolaneLocalArtistID, NeolaneGlobalArtistID, TalentID, Territory, VVArtistID
  • All of the above fields are optional except Name - any that are left out will be ignored on import
  • The ID field refers to the AEID of the brand in question. If you are importing a set of new brands, just leave this field blank. Alternatively, if you're adding fields to an existing brand this field will be used to match on the specific brand.
  • If you don't have the AEID of an existing brand we will attempt to match on name, so please make sure the brand name is exactly as it is in our API otherwise a new brand will be created. For this reason we do prefer that you supply the AEID wherever possible when updating brands.

Notes on the import process:

  • Currently the import process will only add new fields where there was no value before. It can not be used to update existing fields on a brand at present for security reasons. For example, if your brand has a FacebookURL, and you enter a different URL in the CSV, the URL will not be updated on the existing brand. You must update this via the dashboard.
  • Null values in the CSV will be ignored on import, even if the field is empty on the existing brand. Null values will never be written to a brand.
  • Try to avoid empty spaces in CSV cells eg. " ". These will never overwrite an existing value on the brand, but they can occasionally be read as a value and copied to an empty brand field, causing that field to be treated as a populated field, and therefore ignored on future imports.
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