• Include the AE JS Framework on any page
  • You MUST add the domain to the Domain Whitelist box to activate the JS on that domain.

1. Include the AE JS framework on the page by adding this script to the head tag or body tag of your site. This code is available in the AE dashboard, where the FrameworkID will be replaced with your framework specific ID.

 <script src="http://theappreciationengine.com/w/js/<FrameworkID>"></script

2. Create the initialization function ‘AEJSReady(aeJS)’ on the page within a script tag.

 function AEJSReady(aeJS) {
 //aeJS is the framework reference, once here it is ready
 //specify the settings required for your environment (see Settings)
 aeJS.settings['extra_fields_screen'] = 'after'; // 'disabled', 'before' or 'after'
 aeJS.settings['auth_window'] = true;

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